‘Wallflower’ –  a shy person, especially a girl or woman, who is frightened to involve herself in social activities and does not attract much interest or attention. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Modern society adores an extrovert. We see the modern day influencers who thrive on likes and comments as popular and confident. I wanted to challenge this thinking. When does popular become needy?

Maybe it’s time for a rethink. Deep down, confident, women are not afraid to be alone – and they don’t  feel the need to follow with the crowd. Their self acceptance and confidence comes from within.

Perhaps the Wallflower is a little bit brave too? Contrary to the definition: “she is frightened”. Could it be that we judged wrongly? Is she taking the time to observe,  and deciding for herself if she wants to take part? 

Knowing how to stand alone is central to the art of loving others. The ability to love another without needing the love in return to make us feel better about ourselves – that, I think, might be the best kind of love.


Published in GMARO Magazine