Scientists are aligned: This is THE defining decade. The choices we make now will determine how we thrive in the future.

How we consume fashion will need to change dramatically. The fashion industry, and we as consumers, need to start shifting our thinking towards sustainability and move away from fast fashion. With this knowledge, I felt inspired to create this series of images I have called ‘Karma’.

The definition of Karma: the sum of a person’s actions, deciding their fate in future existences.

The shoot was all styled in sustainable and second hand clothing, and coloured smoke was used to create a different coloured ‘aura’ for each model. According to certain spiritual beliefs, we all have an energetic Karma that is visible as coloured auras. Everyones aura is unique, and varies in colour and strength depending on our energy. Our energy is dependent on our actions.

I hope that this series will inspire people to think about their choices and move towards making better ones. It’s time to celebrate not just how we look in our clothes, but what they represent for our future, and how our fashion choices make us feel.

Good Karma = knowing that what we are wearing today will not jeopardise our future.