Lockdown interview with the Podlamiania podcast. Discussing all things photography with Wayne Johns and Jake Hick. xElisabeth

Episode 27 Elisabeth Hoff Fashion Beauty Photographer Director & Art Director

This episode see’s Wayne Johns & Jake Hicks interview Elisabeth Hoff, an amazing women who sailed the world as a child with her family, and later on then went on to be the first woman to attempt to row ‘solo’ across the Atlantic, which almost led to disaster…

We dive into Elisabeth’s world to find out how she went from the realms of near death experiences in the ocean, to studying Marine Biology, and to where she is today as a very well known and respected Fashion, Beauty Photographer, Director and Art Director.

Elisabeth’s forté of photographing what is known in the industry as ‘real people’ is easily seen in her work and portfolio..she has an amazing client base with tons of this work and it’s all naturally beautiful; every one looks so happy and truly like they’re really enjoying themselves in front of the camera.

We try and find out how she does it and how she makes all her talent feel special.

A big advocate of looking after our oceans and environment, some of Elisabeth’s personal work is immensely powerful and sadly very factual with the information that goes with it.

A women of many talents, Elisabeth quickly embraced the moving image side of the industry as a director, so not only does she shoot the Ad campaign stills she also directs the commercials too…A clever business move…

Interviewing Elisabeth was a pleasure, she is such a warm and open person, who openly shares that anything is possible, if you really want it.