Having spent her formative years sailing around the world on her family’s sailing boat, attempting to be the first women to row solo across the Atlantic, what underlies all of Elisabeth’s work is her sense of joy and fearlessness.

Energised by curiosity and the belief that there is beauty in every sitter and subject, her imagery is unique in its focus on joy, diversity and, predominantly, women.

Running through the versatile body of work is an interest in visual story telling, and the ability to capture an authentic moment.

Her greatest wish is for her work to be a voice of positive change.

Elisabeth has over 15 years of experience in the Beauty, Fashion and Lingerie industries. Her extensive client list, and team of long-term collaborative partners, attest to her ability to deliver, time and time again.

“A great shoot is like alchemy: you have to put together the right mix of ingredients. This takes careful planning and preparation. Once this is done, however, the magic happens when we are able to let go, relax, and trust the process.”

Elisabeth Hoff




“As a female photographer predominantly shooting women, Elisabeth makes an immediate connection with her subject, bringing their soul to the surface. She makes real people feel like stars, and celebrities like a friend. All this, and she is a total delight to work with”

James Chittenden - Global Executive Creative Director - Avon

"I really enjoyed working with Elisabeth. She was a real pro, understanding very quickly the needs of Nutrisse and effectively translating brand needs into great execution"

Barbara Colombo - Brand Business Lead - Garnier

“From concept development and casting, through to the shoot days and asset delivery; working with Elisabeth and her team is a delightful collaborative process – you are under no doubt that the key focus of the team is to deliver campaign assets that exceed your expectations. Hoff Productions is an excellent creative partner for Bluebella”

Janet Mudge
Brand Director, Bluebella Lingerie

"Elisabeth is a total pro. She creates an incredible atmosphere on set - working very hard behind the scenes to make it all seem effortless on the surface. She's great at directing talent, has a sharp eye for detail and a is pleasure to collaborate with"

Angus Mackinnon - Group Creative Director - Publicis•Poke

“Elisabeth Hoff is a dream to work with. Not only is she concerned with the composition and the product, she also really cares about how you look. She is fun, talented, sensitive and diligent. Clients love her, but I love her more... If I could I would ONLY work with her”

Davina McCall - TV presenter & Actress


The team at Hoff Productions are here to help you execute your campaign easily and efficiently. We can take your idea and make it happen: from beginning to end, or get involved at any stage of your creative development.

We are committed to bringing together the best team of people and resources to produce a high end result that is perfect for your brand. Our approach is organised, client focused and professional. We aim to keep things as simple and efficient as possible, whilst keeping the creative process exciting and fun.

Working mainly for beauty and fashion brands, Hoff Productions can deliver imagery of all kinds. This includes stills, gifs and full moving image. We can create a seamless campaign across different platforms irrespective of the media: print, digital, social or broadcast.

Our expertise covers:

    • – Campaign Development & Execution
    • – Budget & Fee Negotiation
    • – Shoot Production – Film & Stills
    • – Casting
    • – Sets/Studios/Locations
    • – Image Retouching
    • – Film Editing
    • – 20 Years Of Industry Knowledge